Why VentureCount

Questions We Hear

From Founders, Investors and Senior Management

Isn't this just a temp CFO service?

No, we are more than that. We are your accounting department not just the CFO. That way we can provide an end to end service to meet your needs.

Why wouldn't I just hire my own CFO?

Two reasons — Risk and Costs. If you hire a CFO, he or she will need to build a team (receivable clerks, AP clerks, accountants, controller, financial planning and budget, transactional support such as due diligence, tax, etc.) to support your plans, which has risks. Second, the cost of an internal team can be dramatically higher than the VentureCount solution.

All we really need is an accountant and don’t need strategic financial help?

We believe in the Efficiency of Experience - which is the value created by having a financial partner at your side to help you with the critical business decisions you will need to make. How much funding should I take in and on what terms? What is the right price for my new product? Does my five year plan make sense? An accountant can not answer these mission critical questions.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are based on an understanding of your business transactional needs. We typically cost 30-50% less than an equivalent internal team due to our use of technology, best practice processes and offshore data entry resources.

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