Government Contractor’s Dilemma:

Government contractors need an accounting and tracking system that is economical and DCAA compliant. Companies have been forced to choose between rudimentary entry-level systems or expensive and complicated higher-level systems.

Why GovCount?

GovCount is a DCAA compliant system that fits your business both today and tomorrow. It is economical and suitable for small businesses while at the same time is robust and scalable for growing companies.

Attribute QuickBooks Deltek GovCount
Economical check X check
Small business system check X check
Scalable for growth X X check
On-demand Web-based X X check
GAAP accrual accounting X check check
DCAA-Ready Compliance X check check

GovCount DCAA Compliance

  • Proper segregation of direct from indirect costs (cost pools).
  • Identification and accumulation of direct costs by contract (job).
  • Time entry that identifies and quantifies labor by cost objectives.

GovCount Platform Systems Overview:

We leverage web-based financial and document management platforms and best practices to do things more efficiently, quickly and accurately than an internal finance team or other service providers.

GovCount fully integrates:

An award winning on-demand financial management system and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) preferred provider of financial applications.

Web-based Accounts Payable & document management tool fully integrated with Intacct and U.S. banks.

Web-based time and expense solutions that meet the specific timekeeping requirements set forth by the DCAA.

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